Why Is Arizona Famous For Its Mineral Resources?

Mining in the United States has been a major revenue earner since the 18 century. Since then, the discovery of different precious materials has caused a variety of mineral rushes such as famous Goldrush (1799-1905). The State of Arizona is believed to be the home an abundance of strategic and critical minerals in the U.S. subsequently becoming recognized. For years, Arizona has played a significant role in the production of Copper, Uranium, Coal, Lead, Gold, as well as Pumice its natural resources celebrated by the entire nation. For instance, the estimated Net Present Value after tax is estimated to be about 11 billion dollars. Additionally, the mining industry in Arizona employs about 100,000 individuals in addition to reducing the country’s expenditure on natural resources by an estimated 30% in the last half a century. Nevertheless, although the figures above are a clear indication of how important Arizona is to the United States due to its mining resources.

Jonathan DuHamel. ‘Guest post: The value of mining in Arizona’. Mineral Make Life Online Journal (2018).One of the reasons Arizona is famous for its mining resources is because of its revenue contribution to the U.S economy. DuHamel’s article is in-depth narration of how and why the state of Arizona has gained much recognition for its mineral resources based on earnings. From the beginning, DuHamel is analytical he explains how copper mining currently provides about $3.2 billion in-person revenue (salaries and wages), $500 million in state revenues (local government earnings), and addition to 49,800 jobs. Such information is important in underlining Arizona’s contribution to the economy as it allows the readers and researchers to know why the Grand Cannon state is considered America’s mining ‘cash cow’.

This source is unique as it provides relevant information establishing the State of Arizona as a standout-mining hub. Arizona is mostly associated with its wildlife resources, as well as its beautiful sights. However, DuHamel article establishes the state as one of the U.S thriving mineral excavation hubs thus establishing its noteworthiness.



Richard Finger. ‘How Arizona Is Helping America Reduce Dependence On Foreign Natural Resources’. Forbes Online Journal (2018). As DuHamel is general on the value of the minerals from Arizona, Richard Finger is specific angling his discussions towards copper mining. For years, copper has been and continues to be an important mineral for the technology industry. Over the recent parts, Arizona has become significant in the provision of copper that is used in the making of smart phones, computers, as well as other high-tech electronic. According to Finger’s article, it is estimated that 60% of U.S copper output is mined in Arizona. To put this into perspective, Arizona is the seventh largest copper produces globally. The copper mining in scale in Arizona is significantly vast, in 2010; the open-pit copper mines south of Tucson became part of the headline news after astronaut took photos of them from space.

This source is highly specific and in-depth in its explanations. The scholarly field specifies increases validation and this source provides information about Arizona’s star mineral. The manuscript is articulate and figurative allowing scholars to draw a perspective on the uniqueness of copper mining in Arizona.

Maya L. Kapoor. A new era of uranium mining near the Grand Canyon?. High Country News Online Portal (2018). Other than copper, Arizona has gained great significance with the revitalization of uranium exploration in the region. Northern Arizona is famous for its ponderosa pine forests and desert that host both the mesmeric Colorado River and Grand Canyon. However, since 1918 this region has been a major producer of Uranium. Since the late 1940s to 2009, the Carrizo Mountains, Monument Valley, and the Lukachukai Mountains produced an estimated 23.3 million pounds of uranium. Maya Kapoor’s manuscript centers on the current revitalization uranium mining in Arizona. From the information presented by Kapoor explains why the uranium mining is important in the U.S defense docket as well as the energy department highlighting the executive order passed by current President Donald Trump.

Since the beginning of president Trump’s administration, the U.S has vamped up its mining industry. The state of Arizona has been at the fore of this massive change, considering uranium mining at the time was banned by congress. This article provides a history of uranium mining in the region, cause of abandonment, in addition to the current profile that identifies Arizona as an important contributor to the United States energy industry.

Cecilia Jamasmie. “Arizona’s newest gold mine just weeks away of first pour”. Arizona Mining online Magazine. There is a plethora of information indicating the surging Chinese economy, particularly in the global stage. Nevertheless, Cecilia Jamasmie’s explanation is to the point indicating how the Surge in China’s demand for gold has influenced gold mining in the United States particularly Arizona. From the manuscript, she explains how China’s growing middle class has had an influence on the prices as well as the demand for gold. As presented by the World Gold Council, China’s demand for gold as increased by 60% over the past decade. Urbanization, the increase in savings, holdings, as well as changes in consumer sentiment have been highlighted as some of the reasons that have led to this growth in demand for the precious metal. In the midst of it all, the State of Arizona has significantly benefited from this boom from China.

It should be taken to note that Since the 1850s and 60s, the State of Arizona played a significant role in Gold and Silver mining. However, the first decade since the turn of the century saw decades in the production of these precious metals. Although, for the last eight years with improvements in mining technology, gold and silver production has gone up. Today, Arizona is the fifth largest producer of silver in the entire U.S. Nevertheless, as indicated in the first part of this paragraph, the State of Arizona has gained massively due to the Chinese demand for Gold.

When analyzing the values of minerals, it is hard to discount the value of the current gold rush. This source identifies the source of the most recent demand for the precious metal in addition to its link to Arizona. Cecilia Jamasmie’s manuscript also provides relevant analytical information regarding the revenues generated from gold and silver mining from the state to the government in this latest and global gold rush.

American Bullion, Inc. “7 Reasons China is Becoming the #1 Producer and Consumer of Gold”. American Bullion, Inc. online Portal (2017). As cited by American Bullion, Inc, since 2014 Arizona has earned about 200 million dollars from China’s thirst for gold (p.np). Additionally, there has been an increase in employment as a consequence of increased mining. On Feb. 7, 2018, Canada’s Northern Vertex Mining (TSX-V: NEE) reported a sale of about 1,400 tonnes of gold ore that was shipped to China.

This source is a supplement to Cecilia Jamasmie’s resource; it highlights the specific players in the current gold mining profile. It shows the influence of gold mining in Arizona in Wall Street. Currently, the states mining companies are enjoying a high in terms of generating stock incomes not just in the U.S but globally showing a new noteworthy states regarding Arizona State.

From the information presented, it is clear that Arizona is significantly famous due to the production of natural resources. The fact that the state is the seventh highest producer of copper in the globe, ranked second national in natural resources production revenue, and currently involved in the 21st century gold rush clearly makes the states significantly noteworthy.


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