Write an essay in which you explain the unique features of the American presidency, our Executive branch, and how this has affected modern politics in America

GOVT 2304.V01
This assignment is part of the on-going Pearson Writing Space essay project.
Hundreds of instructor and thousands of students across the country are involved
in this program. Our class is also participating in the project, and the essay below
is one of the three assigned to students taking Introduction to Political Science
course. It is the one that I chose for our class.
The essay is based on chapter 7 and the associated learning materials (e.g., the
video clip folder title “Systems of Government”). So, you must first study these
learning materials before you submit this assignment. Remember, you are not
only competing with thousands of students, but you will also be contributing to
the image of our college by your level of preparation and writing, and the content
of your essay.
Essay topic:
Every modern democratic government is headed by an Executive of some sort.
However, the structure and function of these various Executives vary greatly
depending on the system.
Think about the various forms of government you have studied, including Federal,
Parliamentary and Confederated systems. Consider the unique case of the
American Presidency, its form and function, and how this has shaped modern
political culture in the United States.
Write an essay in which you explain the unique features of the American
presidency, our Executive branch, and how this has affected modern politics in
Your essay must be between 100 and 1,000 words.
The holistic score on the grades weighs the content traits more heavily than the
writing traits.
Development of Ideas: 50%
Organization: 10%
Conventions: 10%
Voice: 10%
Focus and Coherence: 20%
Helpful hints:
Read Chapter 7 of the Dazinger textbook very carefully (especially the sections on
“Areal Distribution of Power” and “Forms of Executive-Legislative Relations”).
Also, listen to the associated lectures in the video clip titled “Systems of
Government.” located in the Course Materials folder. As you compose your
essay, think of the following items and try to incorporate them into your essay:
1. The major similarities and differences between federal, parliamentary, and
confederated systems (or confederations), especially the position of the
chief executive in each system.
2. How the U.S. Constitution makes the American executive a much more
singular leader than Executives in parliamentary and other systems;
3. How the President lacks a great deal of real power and must work closely
with other members of government to accomplish his/her policy goals (give
contemporary examples)
4. Election: How the President is elected separately from the Legislative
Branch (Congress) and for different terms, giving the office a different
mandate, separate from that of a political party.
5. Power and Limits: How the President serves as a political leader and
executor of laws and policies, but lacks legislative power.
6. Checks and Balances: how the President in the American political system
must answer to restrictions placed by Congress and the Judicial Branch,
which may have opposing views.
7. How all of the above have affected modern politics in America.
8. Provide concrete examples in the essay