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Background Information

I am made “uniquely me” by certain things that include my nature which being aggressive as well as emotionally intelligence. My emotional intelligence can be seen from my ability to comprehend, manage, identify and utilize emotions properly so as to improve communication, relieve stress, overcome challenges, emphasize and defuse conflict with others. Due to emotional intelligence, my conscious has always been clear in relation to my emotional state and the state of my environment. This has enabled me to attract people close to me. By nurturing emotional intelligence, I have been able to enhance how I relate with others in my surrounding. This has also enabled me to make my life more fulfilling and satisfying in order to achieve more at the workplace and from healthier relationships.

Four main attributes drive emotional intelligence. These are social awareness, self-awareness, relationship management and self-management. These attributes serve as the major pillars that enable me to recognize emotions, their influence on my behavior and also to get self-confidence. They have also enabled me to acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. Through social-awareness, I have been able to understand the needs, concerns and emotions of other people better. This has also enabled me to recognize power dynamics in a group or organization and to pick emotional cues as well as to feel comfortable socially.

The self-management attribute has been important in shaping emotional control in me. This has been healthy because it has enabled me to adapt to the changes in the circumstances as well as to control impulsive feelings as they come and also to follow commitments through and to take initiative. I have been acquainted with knowledge of establishing and maintaining vital relationships, clear skills for communicating, team spirit, conflict management ability and the ability to inspire and influence those around me by relationship management. Additionally, I am made “uniquely me” by the combination of these two skills and intellectual intelligence.

I hail from Kuwait which is a society that conceded to capitalism because of the economic system’s functionality whereby production means’ ownership and investments, wealth exchange and distribution mainly are maintained and run by private individuals and corporations. Kuwait is based on Islamic traditions’ generations and Islamic culture and heritage are embedded in it. The transmission of this has occurred over the generations leading to the establishment of the daily life pillar for Kuwait families. Generally Kuwait has a friendly society that is open-minded and tolerance when it comes to welcoming visitors. Nevertheless, this society nurtures a culture of respecting all people irrespective of their religion or nationality.

Apart from the contribution of my origin to the person that I am currently, there is a great role that has been played by my family and perhaps, this is the greatest. My entire family has helped me in increasing emotional intelligence. It has enabled me to comprehend different ways that I should use to manage emotions by developing vital skills for controlling and managing stress when situations overwhelm me. My family has also enabled me to become the effective communicator that I am. I have been helped by my family to improve emotional focus and this has always come in handy every time I want to expand my range of choices in the events that require me to respond swiftly to situations. This has also enabled me to acquire a unique nature from the acquired skills which enable me to factor in emotional memory during decision making processes. This has made it possible for me to avoid repeating initial mistakes.

My family has enabled me to comprehend the fact that for one to be an effective communicator, he/she requires more than verbal and stress control skills. I learnt from my dad that how I conveyed messages was very important than the messages themselves. The family enabled me to realize that I had to take control of body language so that I could build connection and trust with the people around me and also to capture their attention. I was taught by my family that the end of communication is not when speaking stops because non-verbal communication continues. It is my family that made me the best speaker that I am now and it enabled me to handle life challenges without running away.

Something that made me proud and I will remain proud of in life is being a member and a founder of a firm in Kuwait called the Crystal of life. This is a small firm that specializes in providing assistance and knowledge to our society through enlightenment on the essence of consuming water. I had this thought of helping people from the time I was a young child and the greatest achievement in my life is that I was brought up to help people within my society. I will remain proud of this throughout my life.

I have realized that people within my society face problems such as health problems because they lack knowledge or they are ignorant. Experience has taught me this. Nevertheless, I have also learnt that people are difficult creatures Proofreading-Editingthat live on earth especially the fully grown up people who become stick and rigid to old ways of doing certain things. I learnt from this that to change my society, I needed a fighter spirit and greater determination because I got fruits when the water campaigns of my company became successful even with several difficulties that we faced while starting.

In life, my philosophy is always that “where men think alike, there is none who thinks much”. As Mark Twain noted, when people in a group have a similar opinion, no soul in that group thinks the way it would because they basically copy one another. I have always been driven by this philosophy and it has always made me think outside the box so that I can explore what others have not explored. Some of my hobbies include soccer, socialization and trap shooting. I also like listening to soft music. When stressed, I cheer soccer because this cheers me up as it involves vigor that enables me to cool my stress down. Soft music also helps me especially when my stress is due to difficult circumstances that require evaluation and thinking in order to find solutions. I also relax after listening to music.

Currently, I am a third year management student. I opted to major in management partly because of the influence of my family and the comprehension that I had acquired in life. I realized that all fields need managerial skills. From home to business firms, government, colleges, schools and hospitals among other institutions require management. There was a time when I had a management internship in a social reforms’ organization in Kuwait called the Social Reform Society. Helping passion was among the driving forces that made me work for the organization. This organization engaged in several development and social projects and education among others. The organization also helped Muslims who were considered as the minorities within their countries.

Work experience

When working with this organization, I acquired experience that was a mixture of challenges and pleasure. The pleasure came from a community that I was working with and meeting people from varying societies. I learnt more from their experiences. Nevertheless, the challenge was from the situations in which the societies did not welcome them especially the societies in which Muslims were despised. This was very challenging for me and my colleagues. Apart from the experience that I acquired during the internship, I also got more experience from working with Crystal of life. I was one of the founders of this small company. This experience was almost similar to the one that I got at the Social Reform Society because both organizations dealt with helping the community. Nevertheless, the Crystal of life experience was different in terms of the process of decision making because it involved me directly.

Being a communicator in business, I have acquired strengths in order to make my communication effective. I try to evaluate the audience in all communications so that I can determine several factors and facts regarding them. Such facts include the communication context, their education level and mood. This evaluation enables me to customize the way I present my message to them in a manner that suites my understanding of the audience best. I also know the essence of and how to listen actively during the process of communication. I now understand that for communication to be effective, the sender and receiver of the message must be involved. Nevertheless, my major weakness has been physical distractions underestimation and believing that the audience would concentrate provided that the delivered message is appealing to them.

My Career Path

There are three companies that I would like to work for. These are Apple, Microsoft and Google. One may wonder why I choose these companies instead of charity organizations such as the Red Cross. Nevertheless, diversification is an art that I learnt in life properly and choosing these companies has long term impacts that are connected to the community. My assessment is that these companies serve the community best although they do this through technology. How society lives has been transformed by these companies and they have simplified and made several operations easier. These firms are large and being a manager in the quality control department is the position that would be fine for me although I may need some time so that I can learn and get experience in the section.

The companies are found in U.S.A with headquarter of Google being at Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View Santa Clara. The Headquarter of Microsoft is in Redmond, Washington. Apple on the other hand is headquartered at Cupertino, California. My work would be better while working with a respectful and understanding boss. I would prefer activities that entail great thinking and interaction in order to provide solutions to situations because I am passionate about the community. Thinking ability is among the things that I have established in my entire life. Being present in these firms would provide skilled manpower that has diversity in operation fields. These would help the firms in terms of generating ideas for new applications, product designs and software development ideas.

Class expectation

My expectations for the management class that I belong to are very high. My main expectation is that the class will acquire both theoretical and practical managerial knowledge. I also believe that by the end of the day, the class ought to make me better with several skills as well as knowledge on the way these skills should be applied. In life, I have numerous goals but employment creation is the major goal. Although I would like to have a job, I also want to accumulate money so that I can start a firm that would employ more staffs.

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