Writing a Personal Statement

Personal Statement


Economics and business for a long time have captivated me. Based on deliberation, I regard myself as a thoughtful and motivated individual. My interest in economics and business has become intense because of surrounding factors. My mother is a business person while my day is a police officer. The income of my family is about $50. Considering the fact that I spent most of my time with my mum at home, she has great influence on me.

My mum enjoys what she does at all times and it was a source of motivation for me to venture into the world of economics and learn how things are done. I ended up developing a lot of interest in the way she carried on her business activities and out of my curiosity to understand things. Therefore, I am sure that the interest I have for economics will be fully satisfied if I pursue the course and learn.

Part One

My Intended Major

Business economics is my intended major. I have been so curious about money, businesses, the economy and their impact on the lives of people over a long period of time. I believe that by pursuing a course in business and economics, I will be in a better place to satisfy my curiosity. Over time, I have learned that business and economics is a highly diverse subject and it keeps growing.

As a result, business and economics is an intellectually stimulating program to pursue. I graduated from Pui Ching Middle School and have a 4.0 GPA. The school is one of the best in Macao. Additionally, I have always been top in my class with excellent grades since my high school. I enjoy reading books as well as business-related articles. The economist, however, is one of my favorite business magazines ever since I was a child because my mother always bought a copy of the paper.

Similarly, I have been quite industrious and persistent in my schoolwork taking each topic or subject seriously. It is aImage 2 factor that has enabled me to earn good grades and contributed enormously to my maintenance of excellent grades. I also take a lot of interest in English and I enjoy science. I strived to achieve the needed proficiency in English at all times.

Based on my passion for the English language, I was amongst the best debaters in high school. I was also chosen as my schools representative in a Debate in Hong Kong.  Debating played a crucial role in enhancing my ability to think quickly and to express ideas more clearly. I, therefore, believe that these are essential skills that will help lead to my success in the world of economics.

I feel that I have performed well at this point in life in laying a foundation for myself. Even so, the foundation alone is not enough and the reason as to why I intend to transfer from Santa and pursue my course of interest at the University of California. I also believe that above all other universities, the University of California will give me guidance and the kind of exposure I need to achieve greatness I seek in business and economics.

Through my study experienced and volunteering at Santa Monica, I have also gained high competence level working within a team and independently. I feel that the subjects I have studied including economics, mathematics, and sociology have given me an ideal background for the course I have settled for.

Part Two

My Personal Attribution

Besides academics, I love swimming and playing basketball during leisure. I also love to interact, meet and make new friends especially with the people with the same career interests. What’s more, I do a lot of reading because it keeps my memory fresh and update. I have also volunteered in Macao as an administrative assistant since my days at junior high school where I helped the elderly.

As a volunteer, I had an opportunity to meet and make friends interested in Business and Economics and we shared a lot. I also interacted with leaders as I worked as an administrative assistant. Through the leaders, I managed to learn new management skills and understood the structure and running of companies.

One of my best personal qualities is good communication. I believe that it is an attribute that will ensure my success in my future economics career. Additionally, I have the ability to write well and to interpret resumes, proposals, and reports. At social networking, I am also good based on my interest and love to make new friends. When it comes to public speaking, I am also good because I practiced it in high school.

I also believe that with such abilities, I will be in a better position to learn and understand negotiation as well as sales skills before I graduate. I am a determined person, and I always strive to achieve the goals I set.

I also settled for the University of California for its reputation and excellence over other economic schools. It offers the required components that will equip me with the techniques, ideas, and principles of modern economic analysis that I seek to pursue in my profession. I am also an enthusiastic to extend my skills, knowledge, and understanding I learn from fellow students and lecturers at the university.

I also understand that my degree program will be challenging based on my awareness of the ever-changing business and economics world. I am prepared and I aim at coming out successfully by overcoming all the challenges.