Young Men Christian Association Essay

Young Men Christian Association

To: Executive Director, Young Men Christian Association

From: student Name

Date: Feb 2, 2012

RE: For Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) to grow, progress its membership, and sustain its foresight to the community, it needs to advance and develop its management in order to do better in that industry.


Short term recommendation (approximately to one month)

The board chair should ensure it is in good terms with the CEO to discuss his views to the board of directors. Additionally, it is essential to develop a marketing plan to attract more YMCA members and to enhance different family activities offered.

Medium-term (between one month and three months)

The association needs to include more people to help in the marketing strategy. The newly created facility and building also needs more young staff to be engaged in displaying and marketing it. Apart from being energetic, young people have various approaches and new ideas that have not been employed in the market before.

Nonetheless, the application of YMCA land area should be considered. The latter has a multipurpose value and should not go to waste at any given moment. The space available should also be utilized to the optimum level to generate maximum profits. Even so, the organization structure should be clearly reviewed from the CEO to volunteers.

Long term (approximately three months up to six months)

The association needs to create a website to enhance online presence. More so, a good link with the society is very essentially. Lastly, YMCA should investigate what other associations engage in, in the community.

Control and feedback

The association will be expected to track and compare membership numbers before and after implementation of the changes.

Contingency plan

Different options can be employed if the recommended approaches are not efficient. The association could focus on more partnerships in the society or enhance membership aggressiveness.

Executive Summary


YMCA is a nonprofit global association founded in London, England in 1844. The first of its kind was introduced in 1951 in Canada. Sault St. Marie was later in 1913 found on Queen Street. The association offers high quality and valued programs to the people who live in Sault St. Marie.

Their mission indeed is same with that of YMCA global alliance. They also plan to advance mind, spirit and body development through its service provision. The latter can be realized via their personal growth, lifestyle and health development in the society. The organization also offers different sporting services including self-fitness, gymnastics, basketball and swimming.

Additionally, it has a wide range of programs targeted at young children and teenagers in Day Camps and childcare as well as the YBC youth basketball league.


Short-term recommendation (approximately to one month)

The real members of the association need to meet and work on a strategy for interaction. The board chair should be Proofreading-Editingin good working relations with the CEO and discuss his views to other board members. The chair of board should also state the reasons as to why he claims that the CEO is not effective and is lethargic. This will help in ironing out the differences and understanding the root cause of the problem.

Additionally, there is need to create a marketing plan aimed at tapping more members to the association and to enhance different activities offered in the family. Childcare, fitness, summer camps, immigrant services, training programs, educational activities and advice services also need to be enhanced to help tap more clients.

Medium-term (between one month and three months)

The association needs to incorporate the youth to help in the marketing plan. Besides having the ability to help in other areas, young people also has various fresh ideas and approaches that may have not been in the market before. Additionally, to exchange the duties being carried out, a discounted membership should be offered and if not, young membership should be included in the promotion.

The usage of YMCA land space however should be examined. The latter has different multipurpose value and should not at any moment be misused. The management should also ensure that every space that is available is well utilized. Different programs should also be included in areas with sufficient space to generate maximum profits.

Nevertheless, the association structure should be reviewed. This should take place from the CEO to volunteers in the organization. Additionally, formal job description needs to be drafted for different activities needed for the events.

Long term (approximately three months up to six months)

The association has to create a website to enhance online presence. Besides the website, the association needs to utilize social media. These are powerful communication tools and potential revenue sources that should not be taken for granted. The youngsters in the promotion arena should additionally offer help when need arise.

What’s more, the association has to ensure good societal relationships by integrating them in some of their outdoor events. Additionally, the association needs to analyze and investigate what the other associations in the community engage in. the latter should be the most ideal success strategy.

Appendix 1 – SWOT Analysis

External Analysis


  • Community trust
  • Tastes and preferences of clients that could be easily attracted
  • The large populace that need the services


Rivalry from other associations

Internal Analysis


  • Different programs and services designed for its clients
  • Biggest fitness center with state of the art facilities
  • Large idea area that is open
  • Individual trainers
  • Background music to enhance member exercises at personal level and to also enhance realization of health and lifestyle goals
  • New fitness equipment
  • Aquatic center with hot tab area, sauna, swimming pools and showers
  • A standard gymnasium facilities for basketball, golf lessons and volleyball
  • YBC youth basketball in the gymnasium
  • Activity center area as well as an indoor track
  • Coffee corner designed for different products and food health services


  • Most of the members are not aware of the Women Plus feature benefits
  • Efforts to enhance Women’s plus members for instance opportunities to use the membership for free over the weekend has failed
  • Possible poor membership
  • Lack of student engagement in the promotion

Appendix 2 – the organization marketing

Significance of Marketing

  • Enhanced clients satisfaction as the association offers different membership categories including student, family, one adult and two adult membership plus and all offer the best value. All members should access the facilities including the squash center, aquatic and the fitness center.
  • Programs associated with fitness for example recreational, yoga classes and Martial arts are available to clients
  • Participation of consumers is highly encouraged. The programs are designed to address the needs of clients via self-service roles, benefiting the association and its clients.
  • Great assets to tap more members and the association programs are tailor made for each person based on individual needs

Marketing Checklist

  • Which group do I want to serve?
  • What are their needs?
  • Is the association in a position to offer quality products and services at an affordable price?
  • What are the most ideal ways of promoting the products?
  • Are my customers satisfied with the products?
  • How can I enhance things?



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